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  • We should make absolutely clear, Bathsheba’s Wedding is an entirely ‘live’ band of musicians playing real instruments & we never, ever play along with backing tracks or drum machines .
  • So , what about a Scottish ceilidh?   In our experience what most people mean when they ask us that question is, ‘Can you play Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons, Circassian Circle, Virginia Reel and Orcadian Strip-the-Willow and teach them in such a way that everyone can do them – even all our non-Scots friends and family-members? And the answer is ‘Yes, we can!’ . Not only can we play them but we do, often, because they are such great dances that they are part of our normal repertoire anyway! We have a reputation for inclusive ceilidhs so we don’t do the complicated reeling dances like the Eightsome etc. that take hours  to learn and practice over and again. But if you want a Scottish themed event that everyone can join in with  let us know and we will make sure the standards are in there along with some recognisably Scottish tunes to go with them.
  • From time to time we are asked if we provide a Disco package. We have worked with some great DJs, as expert in their art as we are in ours, who can certainly keep the party going after the excitement of a Bathsheba’s Wedding ceilidh and we will be very happy to introduce you. But if you fancy yourself as a DJ and want to try your hand at a DIY ipod disco, we also have contacts who hire out suitable sound systems. Just ask and we’ll put you in touch.
  • We were the only ceilidh band in the whole of the UK to be finalists in the Guides For Brides 5* Customer Service Awards this year. Thought you may like to see the awards ceremony :-